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Name/nickname: Codi
Age: 19
Favourite brands: Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, MAM
Favourite musicians: Pierrot, RAG FAIR, La'cryma Christi, Plastic Tree, LUNA SEA
Favourite rapper: beastie boys and ice cube..and kick the can crew, heh.
It's a crappy pic but I GOTS THE ATTITUDE FO SHO.

Why hello it's the L-O-L-I
You know who I am and you dun have to ask why
Still on the flow about the sin of satin
I beat like a horse but I say it again
Just coz you sew don't make you so fly
If you use the cheap stuff you make Mana cry
I love lookin cute and I love feelin cool
So don't chill with me please cause you look like a fool
I wrap this up now so I can accept this with ease
But don't suck up to me now coz you gots burns on your knees.. BURNINATEDDD!!

OK thanks!! ^_^
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