kimbo! ♥ (saabisu) wrote in udu,
kimbo! ♥

Name/nickname: Kim
Age: 18
Favourite brands: Btssb, meta, IW, MM
Favourite musicians: 50 Cent ect...
Favourite rapper: Redman AND Method Man

True Gangstas don't wear petticoats. I swear.

Paaaaleeeze, otaku,
Somebody stop you,
from wearing that mini skirt,
it ain't lolita just because there's a frilly-ass shirt.

You may have lace,
but that doesn't help your white-painted face.
We'll just post your pics,
and you'll have a fit.

Stop your crying,
a gl bible you need to start buying.

--- Uh, yeah. Plz accept me. <3
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