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whut up loliiiiii

Name/nickname: denise/yotan
Age: 1 to the nine-izzle
Favourite brands: metamorphose, angelic pretty, b-Yatch
Favourite musicians: i don't playa hate, but i gotta give a shout out for them japanese clownz Pierrot
Favourite rapper: ol' dirty bastard
Pictures of you being GANGSTA in loli clothes: aw, shit homes! i ain't got none ;o;

A lolita rap, written by you.

All yall skinny lolis think you so tight
cus all them brandname dresses fit just right
some kodonoka like a thicker baby
we bite sometimes but we don't got rabies
so if yall got the skills to make a skirt
and yall know the tips to make it work
and yall can recognize that hot topic aint the shit
you don't mind wearin somethin you got at a store o' thrift
then give me a shout out for the real east side
we'll get into my carriage and take a ride
go to a ball and in mary janes glide
i got lots of it- that hardcore lolita pride.

holy shit this community's teh best XD;
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