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Walk softly and carry and big parasol

Name/nickname: Elegant VK
Age: Old enough
Favourite brands: h.Naoto, Victorian Maiden, Miho Matsuda, Emily Temple Cute, BabySSB
Favourite musicians: Bang doll, Zi:kill, Sid, D'spairsray, Alice Nine
Favourite rapper: Outkast, Princess Superstar, Run DMC
Pictures of you being GANGSTA in loli clothes: I will be uploadin' as soon as I find mah camera.

"Pantsu" an ode to the skanky WannabEGL

Bitchin’ at me through cyber-space
Fo’ callin’ yo’ style whack
All I sed waz “yo’ pansu showin’”
And y’all go on da attack
With yo’ frilly micro mini
Made of satin-cloth
Y’all look like Paris Hilton would
If she decided to be a ‘gawth’
(And that extra 60 pounds of weight
Don’t help to pull it off)
Now I would never dare suggest
A fellow loli diet;
But if your fanny’s hangin’ out
Then maybe you should try it
You say you loli but I don’t buy it
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