Dewy-Eyed Disney Bride (tropigalia) wrote in udu,
Dewy-Eyed Disney Bride


Because people hate me, I've become inspired.

Those posers at akgl make me scream
They're constantly ruining the loli dream
Starting fights does not make you hardcore
It just makes all us lolis hate you more
So shut the fuck up and go take out your falls
Interweb drama does not equate with having balls

Here's my lolita 8 point agenda
You can't find more comprehensive referenda
The way to true loli in dress and in action
Will show why to loli we have this attraction
Now, I know I've made loli mistakes before
But I strive to be true and not a trendwhore

Number one: wigs are fine if you haven't the hair
If you wanna go curly, it's fine to share
pictures of your Le Croix Noir or any other type
as long as it matches, we won't dare snipe
but to put in ugly colours that don't match your dress
just makes you look foolish, I must confess
It's fine to add things not made in Japan
but on
e girl who isn't Loli? Raggedy-Ann!

Number two: make your skirt go past your thighs
Though we'd prefer to-the-knee, we cannot lie
Stop putting your hand between your legs
Posing like a prostitute, like the dregs
of society! C'mon, girl, have some pride
Stop making loli slutty, and we won't deride
your loli decisions; it'll all be okay
if you just dress nicely, we'll drink tea with you today

Number three: No satin.
Enough said.

Number four: black and white aren't the only colours
there are so many patterned fabrics to discover
don't limit yourself to the maid style
do whatever suits you, but walk the extra mile
experiment with the other varieties
you won't get mocked in loli society
Whether angel, country, punx, or panx
Doing something different will get you thanks

Before we go on, lemme tell you again
I'm not trying to condescend
I've made embarrassing loli decisions
But I've tried to amend them with bible precision

So let's go on to number five:

oh wait i'm tired of this. maybe i'll finish later.
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