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Word Up

In irrelevant news, I wanna play the new Def Jam Fight for NY game. You can play as Ice-T. I am so all over this. L&O SVU fo sho.

This one is for my lolizzles out there who don't want their boy in skirts

Let's preen it's me you know who I be
I'm not the Cori so I must be the D
Searching for a boo that likes the loli
I'm searching for a boy who must be an ouji
Kodona, dandy, I don't give a two-bit
As long as he's ridin as long as he's wit it
All the boy peeps are all just the same
wearin the mana skirts which I find are quite lame
I want a real boy who can pull off the panx
I'm a cute loli so just gimme a chance
If you an ouji you already so fly
wear your bpn and make the 'lizzles cry
You don't gots to be pretty to be teh tizight
The fact you like naoto already makes you alright
Don't be skeered to be hip in your puto tee
The fact you're wit me fo sho makes you dandy

Uh huh with the play on words.
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