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i'll cut off my pinky myself if this app isn't good enough!!!!1!eaH!

Name/nickname: KATHERINE aka KAJI (traumerei)
Age: 20 (well, tomorrow, but whatever!!)
Favourite brands: Alice AUAA, h.Naoto, SEX POT ReVeNGe, Atelier BOZ, Putumayo.
Favourite musicians: BUCK-TICK, Plastic Tree, NOOKICKY, Rolly Teranishi.
Favourite rapper: OUTKAST! i love ANDRE 3000.

gangsta lolita picx

you may recognize me from THIS post. i'm at the top left. werd!

this is me and my boyfriend fuuma who is a prince in disguise. but he doesn't have his crown on.
because he is in disguise!

ok so this is me and fuuma (not in disguise) and he's all like "kiss me" and
i was like "uh what lol" since i was watching an interesting nature film.

and now i will present my lolita rap!!!:
with frills and lace or a well-placed fray,
it takes class to run a loli atelier.
"hay guyz check out my latest concoction,
that's just $6.66 in my buy-it-now auction!
the top is a tube with straps like spaghetti,
oh yeah!! get your platforms and pink fishnets ready!!
there's 6 inches of skirt and a full inch of frill!"
that's enough to make even the soundest loli ill.
i don't care if at 'kinderwhore'-style you excel
you must learn the word "whore"'s not in EGL.

(gangsta and loli; what a wonderful mix!
now plz let me join the most wonderful of cliques >___<;)
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