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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7:51AM - Сайт с бесплатными битами

Народ цените мой сайт с бесплатными Рэп Битами http://freebeats.ru/


На сайте есть как Микстейп биты Так и Нужные всем Авторские. . . Все абсолютно бесплатно. . . + Ко всему все желающие могут размещать на сайте свои биты. . . Хочу сделать нечто типо банка битов. . .=)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008



U tHoUgHt OrEgOn RoRiS wAs AlL tAlK aNd No GaMe?
BiTcH i WiLl CuT yOu WiTh My SwImMeR lEtTeR oPeNeR.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

11:10AM - Sup?

APbackCollapse )

Note: I realize Justin Timberlake isn't really rap.

Monday, January 8, 2007

8:50PM - Huh

Me and my homegirl SHOWING OUT FOR DA CRIPSCollapse )

Saturday, September 9, 2006


Name/nickname: Kim
Age: 18
Favourite brands: Btssb, meta, IW, MM
Favourite musicians: 50 Cent ect...
Favourite rapper: Redman AND Method Man

me being gangstaCollapse )

Paaaaleeeze, otaku,
Somebody stop you,
from wearing that mini skirt,
it ain't lolita just because there's a frilly-ass shirt.

You may have lace,
but that doesn't help your white-painted face.
We'll just post your pics,
and you'll have a fit.

Stop your crying,
a gl bible you need to start buying.

--- Uh, yeah. Plz accept me. <3

Sunday, June 25, 2006

3:26AM - Pink Killa has arrived ^____^

Name/nickname: Rachel AKA Pink Killa
Age: 16
Favourite brands: Angelic Pretty, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, BTSSB
Favourite musicians: Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, HIM, AFI, Miyavi, Dir en grey, Malice Mizer
Favourite rapper: MOS DEF! :DD Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Kanye West, N.W.A., Run DMC, Outkast, Common and I enjoy random crunky rap every so often too.
Pictures of you being GANGSTA in loli clothes: none at the moment but I do have some gangsta icons to share. :D werdCollapse )

A lolita rap, written by you:
Holdin’ it down in my B to the T to the SSB
You know them haterz can’t try to touch me
AP round my neck and tea in my cup
Best step back or Imma fuck you up
And I don’t play
Even Mana-Sama don’t roll dis way

Not fuckin’ around, this the realest shit
Riding through your hood in my brand new whip
You think you bitches can keep up with my pace?
Best believe you gonna get a Double Decker to the face

My flow rocks all’a Tokyo
Ask anybody cuz I’m sho they know
That I’m the baddest bitch in this game
Even GLB can’t handle my fame

Petticoat fluffed and ready
Sucka MCs hold tight and steady
These rhymes I spit don’t have no filla
This is it, the real Pink Killa

♥ Rachel

Current mood: tired

Monday, February 27, 2006


This is to all my lolis strugglin' to find some money for these clothes!

I'm always out hustlin' for dough
Tryin' to buy these lolita clothes
You get so little for an expensive price
You think I can afford Baby clothes twice?
I was so glad the day I learned to sew
My advice to lolitas is that you all gotta know!
So much can be made with a few yards of fabric
I can make skirts, bows, and dresses like magic
Now I don't worry about makin' all these dollaz
If I need something, I'll give the fabric store a holla!

Current mood: cheerful

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

12:29AM - Let me in!

Name/nickname: Christine
Age: 19
Favourite brands: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, MAM
Favourite musicians: Dem Franchize Boyz, D4L, Moi Dix Mois, Kana
Favourite rapper: T.I.
Pictures of you being GANGSTA in loli clothes

Read more...Collapse )

A lolita rap, written by you.

Ya know I'm sick of all the hatin' on Western lolis
There's some people out there who think we're all phonies
Just cuz we're not all Asian don't mean we can't look good
I'm a cutie at four ten, don't you think I would?
I've seen women of all sizes that the style fits
So why do all these other people gotta give a shit?
Sure there are some wack ass lolis out there
But that don't mean you gotta despise everyone here

Monday, January 30, 2006


Don't die, community! REVIVEREVIVEREVIVE

50 Cent P.I.M.P. parody
Written because I'm sick of people being repulsed with the fashion because it contains the word 'lolita'. ^^

I don't know what you heard about me
But no Humbert lay a hand on me
Under the petti, that you can't see
'Cause I'm a motherfucking Gosu-Loli

Now some people seem to have a misconception
They seem to think this lace be some contraption
To allow old men to somehow be able to caption
Me as an innocent thing to use in traction
To advance some not-so-innocent fantasies
Where my knickers don't quite reach to my knees
They don't understand that I only aim to please
Mana, the EGL Queen, not any bum that sees
My white stockings, my parasol, my lace headdress
My hair primped in ribbons and perfect finesse
I'm not that girl that seeks boys to impress
I'm that girl that dresses to express
I could care less of the stereotypes you think
I can still kick ass dressed in frilly pink
Look, darling, this is simple, you can't see
You fucking with me, you fucking with a Gosu-Loli

2nd verse under cutCollapse )

Saturday, January 7, 2006


Name/nickname: Sou
Age: Fifteen
Favourite brands: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Victorian Maiden, Angelic Pretty, h.Naoto
Favourite musicians: Penicillin, hide, ElDorado, Malice Mizer
Favourite rapper: Outkast
Pictures of you being GANGSTA in loli clothes: none at the moment *__*

A lolita rap, written by you:

/Your clothes are avant-garde
With their frills and delicate lace
To find it on the streets' so hard
For now everyone neglects chaste
/But you, 'stead of a slut-ty skirt
Would rather wear bloomers pure as snow
And n'er wear a cut-t-shirt
Just 'cause you're doll don't mean you're Barbie ho
/For when the Barbie line expires
From every clone 'lizing her folly
O, your courage will still inspire
All who study the fashion of the dolly
/So to you Lolis I present
Prose - maybe verses - or a sonnet
The best lines to rep'esent
Those who sporta Baby purse or bonnet

not enough Ebonics? ^^; sorry, still a n00bie.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

4:13PM - whut up loliiiiii

Name/nickname: denise/yotan
Age: 1 to the nine-izzle
Favourite brands: metamorphose, angelic pretty, b-Yatch
Favourite musicians: i don't playa hate, but i gotta give a shout out for them japanese clownz Pierrot
Favourite rapper: ol' dirty bastard
Pictures of you being GANGSTA in loli clothes: aw, shit homes! i ain't got none ;o;

A lolita rap, written by you.

All yall skinny lolis think you so tight
cus all them brandname dresses fit just right
some kodonoka like a thicker baby
we bite sometimes but we don't got rabies
so if yall got the skills to make a skirt
and yall know the tips to make it work
and yall can recognize that hot topic aint the shit
you don't mind wearin somethin you got at a store o' thrift
then give me a shout out for the real east side
we'll get into my carriage and take a ride
go to a ball and in mary janes glide
i got lots of it- that hardcore lolita pride.

holy shit this community's teh best XD;

Current mood: amused

Friday, April 15, 2005

7:02PM - Walk softly and carry and big parasol

Name/nickname: Elegant VK
Age: Old enough
Favourite brands: h.Naoto, Victorian Maiden, Miho Matsuda, Emily Temple Cute, BabySSB
Favourite musicians: Bang doll, Zi:kill, Sid, D'spairsray, Alice Nine
Favourite rapper: Outkast, Princess Superstar, Run DMC
Pictures of you being GANGSTA in loli clothes: I will be uploadin' as soon as I find mah camera.

"Pantsu" an ode to the skanky WannabEGL

Bitchin’ at me through cyber-space
Fo’ callin’ yo’ style whack
All I sed waz “yo’ pansu showin’”
And y’all go on da attack
With yo’ frilly micro mini
Made of satin-cloth
Y’all look like Paris Hilton would
If she decided to be a ‘gawth’
(And that extra 60 pounds of weight
Don’t help to pull it off)
Now I would never dare suggest
A fellow loli diet;
But if your fanny’s hangin’ out
Then maybe you should try it
You say you loli but I don’t buy it

Current mood: creative

Sunday, March 20, 2005

12:45PM - heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey i'm a dork


they didn't want to, but i made themCollapse )

Philly represent.

Current mood: crazy

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

8:04PM - lol

Because people hate me, I've become inspired.

vicious rhymed pre-ambleCollapse )

Here's my lolita 8 point agenda
You can't find more comprehensive referenda
The way to true loli in dress and in action
Will show why to loli we have this attraction
Now, I know I've made loli mistakes before
But I strive to be true and not a trendwhore

Number one: wigs are fine if you haven't the hair
If you wanna go curly, it's fine to share
pictures of your Le Croix Noir or any other type
as long as it matches, we won't dare snipe
but to put in ugly colours that don't match your dress
just makes you look foolish, I must confess
It's fine to add things not made in Japan
but on
e girl who isn't Loli? Raggedy-Ann!

Number two: make your skirt go past your thighs
Though we'd prefer to-the-knee, we cannot lie
Stop putting your hand between your legs
Posing like a prostitute, like the dregs
of society! C'mon, girl, have some pride
Stop making loli slutty, and we won't deride
your loli decisions; it'll all be okay
if you just dress nicely, we'll drink tea with you today

Number three: No satin.
Enough said.

Number four: black and white aren't the only colours
there are so many patterned fabrics to discover
don't limit yourself to the maid style
do whatever suits you, but walk the extra mile
experiment with the other varieties
you won't get mocked in loli society
Whether angel, country, punx, or panx
Doing something different will get you thanks

Before we go on, lemme tell you again
I'm not trying to condescend
I've made embarrassing loli decisions
But I've tried to amend them with bible precision

So let's go on to number five:

oh wait i'm tired of this. maybe i'll finish later.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

4:46AM - Oh boiiii plz add me? o.o

This goes out to all the ouji-samas in da house
you know who you are
kodona 4 lyfe

I never thought that I would see
a fashion thats quite like DANDY
making its way over here in da west
its gonna be tough and put to the test
The shock is still here from what I can see
seeing Andre 3000 up on my TV!
His waistcoat and necktie quite truly divine
he wore black knickers and I want them for mine
Stefani - I don't understand all her mess
all the girls love a style I simply detest
I'll wait for Fall of two thousand and five
to really get jumpin' and possibly jive
Until that time I'll wait and see
what Mr. Andre's clothes line will be
Leavin for all y'all his words on MTV
"If you like fashion, come see me."

(side note because I can NOT find a full picture of his outfit. He had a black newsboy style cap on, a red waistcoat (no sleeves)a black polka dotted tie, striped dress shirt, black knickers, he said KNICKERS I swear!, red socks and brown dress shoes. In an interview someone asked about his outfit and he said it was a prototype from his clothing house coming out in 2005. While it might not be truest pure ouji-sama goodness, I was impressed and can only hope his clothes still look anything like that if/when his line comes out!! )

Current mood: curious

Friday, October 15, 2004


Halloween is coming
and my wish has just been granted
To work in my Lolita gear,
To make that place enchanted.

(We can wear a costume,
just to make it clear.
Although Loli's not a "costume",
I'm wearing it this year)

In bloomers and a pannier
In a dark floral-print frock
I'll cut your fabric, ring you out
I'll sweep and I'll do stock.

And if the worst should happen
in a sweet, proud voice I'll say:
'Why, I'm a Victorian Doll;
not a gothic french maid.'

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

8:47PM - Word Up

In irrelevant news, I wanna play the new Def Jam Fight for NY game. You can play as Ice-T. I am so all over this. L&O SVU fo sho.

This one is for my lolizzles out there who don't want their boy in skirts

Let's preen it's me you know who I be
I'm not the Cori so I must be the D
Searching for a boo that likes the loli
I'm searching for a boy who must be an ouji
Kodona, dandy, I don't give a two-bit
As long as he's ridin as long as he's wit it
All the boy peeps are all just the same
wearin the mana skirts which I find are quite lame
I want a real boy who can pull off the panx
I'm a cute loli so just gimme a chance
If you an ouji you already so fly
wear your bpn and make the 'lizzles cry
You don't gots to be pretty to be teh tizight
The fact you like naoto already makes you alright
Don't be skeered to be hip in your puto tee
The fact you're wit me fo sho makes you dandy

Uh huh with the play on words.

Current mood: cheerful

Friday, August 13, 2004

5:35PM - i'll cut off my pinky myself if this app isn't good enough!!!!1!eaH!

Name/nickname: KATHERINE aka KAJI (traumerei)
Age: 20 (well, tomorrow, but whatever!!)
Favourite brands: Alice AUAA, h.Naoto, SEX POT ReVeNGe, Atelier BOZ, Putumayo.
Favourite musicians: BUCK-TICK, Plastic Tree, NOOKICKY, Rolly Teranishi.
Favourite rapper: OUTKAST! i love ANDRE 3000.

gangsta lolita picx NOT WORK SAFE!!!!!Collapse )

and now i will present my lolita rap!!!:
with frills and lace or a well-placed fray,
it takes class to run a loli atelier.
"hay guyz check out my latest concoction,
that's just $6.66 in my buy-it-now auction!
the top is a tube with straps like spaghetti,
oh yeah!! get your platforms and pink fishnets ready!!
there's 6 inches of skirt and a full inch of frill!"
that's enough to make even the soundest loli ill.
i don't care if at 'kinderwhore'-style you excel
you must learn the word "whore"'s not in EGL.

(gangsta and loli; what a wonderful mix!
now plz let me join the most wonderful of cliques >___<;)

Current mood: gangsta (for realz!)

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Name/nickname: Codi
Age: 19
Favourite brands: Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, MAM
Favourite musicians: Pierrot, RAG FAIR, La'cryma Christi, Plastic Tree, LUNA SEA
Favourite rapper: beastie boys and ice cube..and kick the can crew, heh.
It's a crappy pic but I GOTS THE ATTITUDE FO SHO.

Why hello it's the L-O-L-I
You know who I am and you dun have to ask why
Still on the flow about the sin of satin
I beat like a horse but I say it again
Just coz you sew don't make you so fly
If you use the cheap stuff you make Mana cry
I love lookin cute and I love feelin cool
So don't chill with me please cause you look like a fool
I wrap this up now so I can accept this with ease
But don't suck up to me now coz you gots burns on your knees.. BURNINATEDDD!!

OK thanks!! ^_^

Current mood: amused


Name/nickname: Mary AKA MC Morphose
Age: Sizixteen
Favourite brands: Mary Magdalene, MAM, h.Naoto
Favourite musicians: Shiina Ringo, KISHIDAN, XTC, Cibo Matto, Gazette, Metronome, Merry, Mouse on Mars, the Beatles, JAY-Z, the Pixies
Favourite rapper: JAY-Z, the Herbaliser, Quantum MCs, De La Soul, Dream Warriors

GANGSTA in atelier pierrot and marble jawns. OMGZ JAPAN!

My rap:
I usually hate communities for rating
The camwhores who go there deserve berating
but yakuza and gangstas are worth the throwing
out of my principals, and so now i'm going
to tell you my loli philosophy i composed:
it's not a lifestyle, biznatch, it's just CLOTHES
so chill the fuck out and have a good time
lolis and gangsta, we're here to rhyme


Current mood: bored

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